In my last post, Home School Enrichment: Higher Education, I shared how I was reminded to take my children’s Bible training seriously while giving myself a break when it falls short of the ideal. Well, as I continued to read the Mar/Apr issue, I came across another great quote that I wanted to share. This one appeared in Maribeth Spangenberg’s article entitled “Keeping the Spiral Upward.”

In it, she shared a quote that Michael Farris, the co-founder and former president of HSLDA, made at a home school convention years ago. He said,

I don’t just want my children to be good Christians, I want them to be a better Christians than me! I want them to do greater things for the Lord in their Christian walk than I could ever do. I want my spiral to continually go upward!

What a great sentiment and a goal that all of us can strive for. But what’s especially interesting for me is that I’ve had similar thoughts lately. Recently, I found myself thinking about my father who passed away five years ago.

My dad was a complicated man. During his life, he had two successful careers – the first as a professional rodeo contestant (world ranked) and the second as a thoroughbred horse trainer. Personally, however, he struggled. His childhood, which he rarely spoke of, was difficult. One of four siblings, he’s the only one that didn’t end up either dead or institutionalized. His life wasn’t easy, but I’ve realized that he lived successfully if for no other reason than all his children have had more opportunities than he did.

I hope one day that I’m able to say the same for my children, that I’ve given them even more opportunities than I’ve had. As I raise them, I do hope to keep the spiral upward – in all areas. And in their spiritual lives, I pray that they’ll continually seek and clearly hear God’s voice and obey it, no matter what. If I can teach them to do that – if we can all teach our children to do that – then the spiral will, in deed, continue to move upward.


Photo: Spiral Staircase by Shaun Dunphy