I have recently been captivated by the homeschool curriculum supply company Currclick. If you have yet to peruse their thousands of items, let me warn you–it’s addictive. While the website is not the slickest and most seamless process, there is lots to ooh and ahh over, for students of all ages. And there are lots of free and deeply discounted e-curriculum for you to try out.

I recently downloaded a lapbook on Birds that my kids are loving. They are learning the material in a fun way and are so proud of the results. Having created a lapbook from scratch earlier this year, I am loving the simplicity of having all the mini-books ready to download. Planning is so much easier!

And a few weeks ago, I downloaded a free Election Process lapbook that I will either use later this year or hold for when my children are ready to learn about the process.

So if you are looking for free curriculum or just love seeing what’s out there, check it out.