If you’re like most Americans, you’ve bought into the idea that education must be complicated and expensive to be worthwhile. It must be handled by highly educated, well-trained, pragmatic individuals with lots of mass produced educational tools at their disposal. Well, the truth may surprise you.

Recent findings in the Homeschool Progress Report 2009 found that education has little to do with the amount of money spent. When compared with the average amount spend per child in our public schools, homeschool families are doing an admirable job. We are, in fact, a frugal bunch. Most of us have traded the financial comfort of a two income family in order to have at least one parent (a.k.a. educator) at home, at least part of the time. Some of us are armed with little more than pen, paper, a library card and our creativity to develop our children’s curriculum. And we like it that way! Just take a look at what the statistics say… they speak for themselves.

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