One of the biggest objections to homeschooling involves socialization. Bring up the topic of homeschooling in mixed company, and inevitably, someone will ask the question, “But what about friends?” or “How will kids learn to get along with others?”

Many think that by sending children to traditional schools, they’ll learn how to relate well with their peers. That’s why I found a comment in the April 25, 2010 Parade magazine interesting. In the article entitled “How Sports Can Change a Girl’s Life,” journalist Sara Paretsky profiles the nonprofit Chicago outreach Girls in the Game (GIG). Paretsky writes that one of the benefits of the extra-curricular sports program is its ability to teach participants healthy social skills.

She writes, “In many Chicago public schools, lunch breaks can last only 15 minutes, there’s no recess, and talking in the halls is prohibited. In such an environment, students may grow up with few chances to learn and practice social skills… Girls often come into GIG knowing only one, very angry, way to interact.”

This was another reminder that traditional schools may not be the best way to teach children positive socialization skills. Such skills really should start at home.